Always A Lady

Posted by Michelle Dorsey on

Paula's "Ladies" 
Dianna's "Lady"
 Hannah Wheeler's "Lady"
Melody made this "Lady" for her friend who is a breast cancer survivor.
Vanessa's "Lady"
Shirley's "Lady"
Great job Ladies!!! Thank you for testing this pattern for me.

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  • Ladybugs are my favorite. I’m so glad I found this pattern. Thank you Michelle.

    Nita Ashley on
  • This is such a cute bag and what a neat idea. I met you on So-Sew-Easy and love your idea of using pet screen; I definitely will be giving that a try.

    LJ on
  • I love the lady bug pattern. I am using it for Christmas items

    Nancy Lynn Hilderbrand on
  • I love ladybugs. So hard to find nice patterns, yet soooo much fun to embroidery. Thanks for such a nice design.

    Janet Thomas on

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