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I am not a fanatic but I like to keep a clean house.  I like to decorate and make my house look pretty as much as the next person.  So why in the world is my favorite room of the house (sewing room of course) such a mess?  All of the other rooms are neat, tidy and decorated and this room looks like a tornado hit it.  It is time to change all of that!  My new year's resolution (starting early) is to make my sewing room as pretty as the rest of the house.  To get it to where I don't have to apologize or make an excuse for it being such a mess when someone comes over. 

My first step is to organize my ribbons.  To say I have "some ribbon" is an understatement for SURE.  I think I might have an addiction problem :>))  I have tried every ribbon organizer/holder out there and couldn't keep track of what I had or keep them untangled or from falling off the spool.  I saw an organizer that is similar to mine posted on a website in pinterest and I asked my friend, Armando to make one like that for me.  He did a fantastic job - it is exactly what I wanted.  It even has a yard stick at the bottom and magnets to hold a pair of scissors.    Thanks Armando! 

I will keep updating you with organizing ideas as I conquer this messy room.  One day I might even take a picture of the whole room to share.....of course that will be after it is all neat and organized - LOL



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  • Yes you are lucky Patricia. How nice!

    sewmichelle on
  • That looks so cool! I feel your pain about your sewing room (or as my family refers to it: the Mom Cave). I have decorated mine…great curtains, clever fabric storage…but when the creative juices get to flowing, who wants to put away what you’re finished using (or just didn’t work)??? Sigh….I still have to clean it about every 2 weeks. LOL

    Denise Young on
  • Love it….maybe your organizing talents will rub off.

    Judy Prentiss on
  • He did a great job I know you love it.

    Diane Hargis on
  • It looks great….I’m lucky….when someone was redecorating….they had build ins and they had a cabinet with sliding drawers and a door…..that’s where I keep my ribbon and other small supplies…..!!!!!!!!

    Patricia on

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