Best Cutting Table - EVER!

Posted by sewmichelle on

I know that every little girl thinks their Dad is the best and can do anything but........I saw a similar cutting table at a local quilt shop for $3500 (and knew I could never afford that).  He took one look at it and said he could make me one.  What he made me is FAR BETTER than any cutting table I have ever seen - it is so beautiful and so well thought out and built.  The inside storage drawers and bins are amazing and just what I need to keep my cutting table clean while working on multiple projects.  The pictures really don't do it justice.  You outdid yourself Dad - I will cherish this FOREVER!  Thank you!!

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  • Do you have the plans for that table, its lovely! My husband wants to make me one for my drapery sewing projects.

    Valentine on
  • WOW……what a beautiful table and work space….Dad’s are the best…I miss mine…we built a barn for my horses together…..Great job Dad…..

    Patricia on
  • My Dad passed away when I was 26. I wish he and I could have done something like this. Will your Dad share the plans. Maybe I can get my husband to build me one.

    Sharon Berry on
  • Aren’t Dads THE BEST! What a fabulous table.

    Mitzy on
  • This is wonderful!

    Cindy Whitaker on

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